Recreation and Sports – Weight Loss

Trying to stay in shape by losing weight has become quite common among many across the globe. A recent medical study has shown that over 85% of the world populations are known to fall under the obese category. The remaining 15% that are known to be of healthy weight are also at a high risk of becoming over weight due to the life style that we have in the current modern era.

As a result, there has been a lot of emphasis put on how a person can under go a weight loss program effectively. One of the main reasons as to why people in the current day and age are suffering from weight issues is solely down to the life style that they live. With modern advancements, many people have become more reliable on technology. Seeing as this is the case, more people are using lower amounts of human energy.

To give you a few examples of how people have become use to modern advancements, one can simply look at the transport system. In previous years, people were known to walk to places or at least cycle when they knew they were traveling a long distance. In both walking and cycling, one would be burning a large number of calories in the process ensuring that their body remained fit.

However in the modern day and age, the concept of walking and cycling to places has completely gone out of fashion. Nowadays, people are known to sit on motor vehicles in the form of buses and cars in order to get to their destination. On average, one person is known to spend over three years of their entire life in a motor vehicle. This just gives you a small idea of how reliable we have become on modern advancements.

Using a motor vehicle to travel to all places means that your body is not burning enough calories in the day. Over time, these unburned calories are known to equate to body fat. It is for this very reason that many health experts have been trying to get people to change their life style for the better. One of the main changes that many health experts have been trying to achieve is implementing various recreational and sporting activities in one’s life.

Simply adopting such a small change in your life style can make a huge difference in you losing weight. There are many recreational and sporting activities to choose from that have been known to contribute a significant amount to one losing weight. One of the most important things that you need to remember in regards to choosing a recreational or sporting activity is to choose something that you enjoy.

In terms of losing weight, the best option would be to join the gym. The only problem with going to a gym is that a person will most likely look at it as a chore rather than an activity; therefore the results won’t be as prominent as they should be.

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How to Lose Weight Through Recreation and Sporting Activities

A recent study has shown that on average over 76% of the world population is known to fall under the obese category. Being over weight has become such a norm that those that fall under the category feel as though it is okay to be such a weight. Instead of urging people to lose weight, many external factors such as the clothing industry are promoting obesity by offering large scale clothes in sizes above the average norm.

One of the biggest concerns that most health experts are known to be worried about is the health implications that these people will have to face in the future. The more over weight you are, the greater the chance you have of suffering from a particular illness.

The two most common types of illnesses that are associated with being over weight include diabetes and heart problems. It is for this very reason that people should start considering ways by which they can reduce their weight.

One of the best ways to lose weight is by going to a gym. Most modern gyms are known to be well equipped with modern machinery that can help one lose weight quite effectively. Even though this is one of the best recommendations in relation to losing weight, it is one that is not favored the most. Those that are over weight feel as though going to a gym to work out is more or less like a chore that they would rather avoid.

For this very reason, there has been a lot of emphasis put on recreational and sporting activities as good alternatives to losing weight. What could be better than doing something you enjoy and achieving weight loss in the process? Unfortunately, most people do not think along those lines. Nearly all popular sports that are played across the globe are known to be sufficient enough to lose weight.

In relation to choosing a good recreational and sporting activity that will help you lose weight, some of the best options to go for would include; soccer, football, swimming, hockey, basketball and baseball. All of these sports are known to be really good for helping one to lose weight. The great thing about playing a sport is that your attention is mainly towards enjoying the game. In the process, without realizing it, one also achieves it.

The key to choosing the right recreational and sporting activity for losing weight is to opt for one that helps get your heart rate up than normal. If you do decide to go through with this alternative rather than going to the gym, it is important that you play that particular sport a few times in a week.

If you are planning to play your sport for at least one hour at any given time, then playing that sport three times in a week is sufficient to lose weight. If however you decide to play the sport for a lesser amount of time, then you will be required to play the sport at least five to six days a week if you are to have any success in achieving it.

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The Importance of Recreation and Sports

There is no doubt that the day and age which we live in today is full of many achievements that man has created. Most of these achievements are in relation to technological developments that have made our lives a lot easier in comparison to the early seventies. Even though technological advancements have been known to bring countless benefits to the environment and the way in which we practice our lifestyle, it has also bought a few concerns that many tend to over look.

One of the biggest concerns which most experts claim that has been affected the most for the worst is ones health. Many people have become so reliable on technology and other advancements that the average person is known to only use 55% of their body’s energy.

What that means is that many people in the current day and age are faced with being over weight. A recent study has shown that the more over weight a person is the higher chance they have of suffering from various illnesses and diseases.

Some of the most common diseases that one can face due to being over weight include diabetes and heart related illnesses. It is for this very reason that a lot of emphasis and effort has been put towards getting more people involved in various recreation and sport activities. Since the new millennium, there has been a decrease of around 56% in people not participating in sport and recreational activities. This figure is mainly known to contain a large number of individuals that fall under the youth category.

Nowadays, the youth is more concerned with playing video games and watching TV, rather than getting involved in physical activities. This is one of the reasons why many young individuals are facing a number of health related issues at such a young age. It is important that one tries to encourage the youth to get involved as much as they can in various recreational and sporting activities.

There are many ways by which a person can get the youth involved in various sports. What most educational institutions have been seen to do is make sports a compulsory subject at all levels. The minimum number of sports and recreational activities that one can sign up for is one with the maximum being three. Following this procedure ensures that every youth that is currently studying at high school or college level is under going some form of physical activity.

Other ways by which you can get the youth involved in recreational and sporting activities is by promoting contests at community level. Try getting the youth of your community to make a team in various popular sports so that you can compete against other neighboring communities.

Having some form of competitive nature in promoting the youth to join various sports has been known to be quite successful. It is important to make sure that one remains persistent in trying to get their youth to get involved in various activities. It is best to promote those games that are famously watched in your country.

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